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The Growtainer is a high density farm built inside an insulated, recycled shipping container. It is mobile, agile and its open framework design means that each unit can be continually improved as technology advances. Using our specially designed growrack system, LED lighting technology and specially engineered hydroponics the Growtainer offers a mobile platform to deliver fresh produce anywhere, anytime.
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The Portable Farm of the Future

A Growtainer™ container (patent pending) is a highly engineered modular and mobile vertical production environment:  a specially designed and constructed 20’ or 40’ shipping container (45’ or 53’ lengths can be special ordered) that has been specifically modified to provide the optimum controlled vertical environment for growing a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in all environments and climates.   The results are a significantly higher yield in a shorter time than all conventional production methods.   With a Growtainer™ container, it is now possible to grow almost anything, almost anywhere.
Growtainer™ containers are mobile and stackable.  The 40’ Growtainer™ container prototypes have been substantially modified by the removal of the rear double doors, the re-location of the entry door to the center of the container and the installation of 2 insulated walls inside the container to create a utility area and two independent climate and environmentally controlled production chambers. In addition to the existing 3” insulation, each Growtainer™ container’s exterior is painted with 20-30 mm of ceramic insulating paint, the same used by NASA.   The utility area contains all pumps, tanks and environmental equipment, including our proprietary ebb and flood “HydroCurve” VPD water and nutrition delivery system.  The pre-entrance is from the outside to the utility room, rather than directly into the growing chamber, to create a barrier against pests and disease entering the production chambers, as does the turbulence of the positive pressure environment in each chamber.   Each Growtainer™ container conforms to many of the USDA and APHIS standards for “Approved Greenhouses” including a pre-entrance and a disinfectant foot wash.
Each chamber is outfitted with a proprietary, self-contained stainless steel rack system (the Growrack™ rack system) which can contain any number of vertical production and propagation levels.   The number of levels is determined by the height requirements of the crop being produced.  Each level of the 6’-8’ tall modular Growrack™ rack system will contain an appropriate number of crop-specific, specific or full-spectrum LED fixtures with each fixture containing state of the art LED chips for optimum growth.   We offer state of the art LED technology and spectrum tailored to the optimal needs of each specific plant species resulting in higher yields in a shorter period of time than conventional production methods.
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Local Organic Food… Anywhere on Earth

Growtainer Features


Customizable crop-specific vertical production.


State-of-the-art proprietary control system.

Co2 Enriched Growth Chambers

Ozone treated water. Controlled environment technology based production.

Plug & Play

Growtainer™ container is truly a Farm-in-a-Box.

Local Production for Local Consumption

Grow almost anything, almost anywhere!

Modular, Mobile & Stackable

Small footprint required. For research or production.

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